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    * Each surveying company will have different rewards and reward attainment conditions, so please read the terms and conditions of each company to understand the details.

    Every company wants to know what customers want. Companies will reward users like you for answering questions about their products, brands, and what appeals to you. These will be simple online survey forms and you will have to choose different answers. You can earn extra income in your spare time, and furthermore, you will shape the future products and brands!

    Survey Station is a FREE website that provides you with a list of the best survey companies. When you sign up with your email on this website, you will immediately access a list of companies currently seeking survey participants. You can then sign up with these companies, and they will send surveys to you. Survey Station helps you connect with these companies. We do not provide surveys or pay anything.

    Very simple, fast, and free:

    1. You sign up with your email on this website.
    2. You gain access to a list of the best survey companies.
    3. Visit each company’s website and register your account. Confirm your email.
    4. They will send you surveys to complete, and will reward you with points for each completed survey.
    5. Collect enough points and you will receive money, gifts, etc..

    It’s that easy!


    Yes of course, market research is a large industry, and companies will pay to learn the opinions of the public. This will help them create better products and increase their profits. Survey companies are seeking community members to respond to opinion surveys and rewards. They will pay for your honest opinions.

    Please note: unfortunately, there will be some fraudulent websites out there. They may ask you to pay for their services or promise large incomes. Legitimate survey sites will always be free and will never promise guaranteed income or employment for you.

    Sure, survey companies need people to participate in market research. Companies want to know the opinions of the public and will compensate for the time you spend. We are paid by these companies to find suitable survey participants – that’s you! That’s why our services are completely and always free! You will never have to pay anything to us or the survey companies.

    You can start right now, everyone can join in!

    All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or computer.

    1. First, register your email on this website.
    2. You will then receive a list of survey companies looking for participants.
    3. Register with these companies and follow their instructions to complete your profile.
    4. Now you can complete surveys and earn rewards.”

    Yes, it does. Genuine survey companies will reward you points for each completed survey. When you have completed enough surveys and collected enough points, you can cash out, receive gift cards, or other rewards. Each company will have a different reward system, so check their terms and conditions on their website. Please note that you will not be able to earn a lot of money, and this cannot replace your job. However, it can give you some interesting small rewards in your spare time.

    No, this is not a job. You are not an employee, and you will not receive a regular salary. There will also be no contracts or duties. You simply receive rewards for each survey you complete, and you can do as many surveys as you want. You don’t need to submit a CV or go through any interviews. Just register with survey companies, and they will start sending surveys to you if you meet their criteria.



    I can earn how many rewards? This depends on the number of companies you sign up with and the number of surveys you complete. Think of survey rewards as pocket money – it won’t replace your salary and won’t pay your bills. But you can earn some extra income on the side during your free time, and that’s really great.

    You will be rewarded individually by each survey company you sign up with. Each survey company has different reward methods. Some will pay cash or PayPal, others will pay with gift cards or phone cards. You will need to complete a certain number of surveys and reach a reward threshold before you can request payment. Check the website of each company for their payment terms

    Surveys usually don’t take much time. Some can be completed in 5 minutes. Some may take more than 20 minutes. Companies will pay you more for longer surveys. The best thing is – you can take surveys anywhere on your smartphone or computer, so you can do them whenever you want.

    Most survey companies accept users over 18 years old. Some specialized surveys may have a specific age limit, so please check the description section before registering.

    Of course, you can register with as many companies as you like. With this approach, you can start collecting rewards from multiple companies, and this will increase your income.

    Of course – you can stop at any time. There’s no contract or obligation whatsoever. You can ignore survey invitations if you don’t want to do them. And you can resume at any time and continue earning rewards.

    The surveys collecting marketing information are very easy. They contain simple questions to understand local customers better. They do not require any special knowledge. They may ask some private questions about your circumstances or shopping preferences.

    Survey companies may ask for your personal information, such as your name, address, and contact details to prevent fraud. They may also ask private questions about your circumstances, such as income, number of children, etc., to know your demographic profile. They will never ask for your credit card information or password.

    Of course, survey companies are very careful with users’ personal data. On this website, we only ask for your email and do not collect any personal information. We do not share or sell your information to anyone.

    A few companies will pay you into your PayPal account. It’s free and easy to set up. There will also be other methods to withdraw your rewards. Please check the bonus policies of each company on their website for details.

    Survey companies will send surveys that match your profile. Make sure you have completed your profile by providing all necessary details, as well as confirming your email address. It’s also possible that they don’t have any surveys for your demographic at that time, so please be patient and check your account and email regularly (including spam folder). Eventually, you will receive invitations.

    When you register with survey companies, they will ask you for some private details to prevent fraud. Please answer all questions honestly. If some of your details are not accepted by the system, try spelling them differently or remove spaces. If the system indicates that your email has been registered, try resetting your password using the ‘Forgot password’ function or use a different email address. If nothing works, directly contact the survey company through their support page.

     If you have forgotten login details for any survey company, please try the ‘Forgot Password’ function on their website. If that is not effective, please directly contact the survey company with the details on their support page. Survey companies do not share your private details with us so we cannot assist you in accessing your account on their website. You will need to directly contact that survey company.

    Your data is SECURE This is our commitment to you

    • We don’t ask for personal information, we only ask for your email
    • We don’t share your email with anyone
    • You’ll only get a few emails from us – we won’t send spam
    • You can unsubscribe at any time
    • We are registered with the ICO Information Commissioner and adhere to their strict data processing laws

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    We know how difficult it is to find ways to actually make money online. This is why we’ve done your research and only worked with the most reputable international survey companies. Since 2015, we’ve helped more than 1 million people around the world earn online surveys. Let’s be honest — you won’t be able to get rich or earn the income of a full-time job by taking surveys. But you can earn extra pocket money and funny gifts in your free time. This is a great way to reward yourself with something great for you and your loved ones! 😊

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